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At Davines Professional Academy, we’re redefining what it means to come to cosmetology school to make sure that we’re providing you with the most excellent education our school can offer.

This includes a new way of teaching based on your unique strengths to ensure the maximum learning efficiency. We also provide an enhanced business curriculum to help you leave our academy ready for success in the workplace.

What to expect

Get ready to take a transformational journey as you prepare for your career in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist. Your journey will take place throughout three phases of learning:

During the first phase of your learning, our instructors teach you all the foundational elements required for success in your future career.

  • Learn the fundamentals in a classroom setting
  • Practice on mannequin heads
  • An instructors guides you the whole way during this phase

In the “we go” phase, you’re going to build your confidence as you develop expert skills through hands-on activities that you complete alongside your instructors

  • Get out on the floor and work on real clients
  • Perfect your skills
  • Work under the guidance of a licensed instructor

Finally in the “you go” phase, the third phase, you will advance your skills and begin to work independently as you develop the knowledge, inspiration, and techniques you’ll be using throughout your career

  • Begin to work independently while still under the supervision of an instructor
  • Prepare to pass the state board exam
  • Get ready for your amazing career!

Some Other Goodies You Get With Davines Pro Academy


When you attend Davines Professional Academy as your cosmetology school in Lincoln, you’re going to get one of the best professional kits available!

Because of our partnership with the manufacturer of the tools, you’re going to get a great kit with high-quality tools to last you into your career.

Multiple Intelligences

“It’s not how smart you are. It’s how you are smart.”

Everyone thinks and processes information differently. To accomodate that, each student at the Davines Professional Academy in Lincoln begins the program with a Multiple Intelligences index. This index tells you and your instructors how YOU think and process information so we can be sure to teach you in a way that will maximize your learning experience.

Business Curriculum

At Davines Pro Academy, we’ve incorporated an expanded business curriculum to ensure you see success in your later career.

This isn’t just a brief class as many cosmetology schools may offer, but an expanded program developed according to the high standards you’ll want to become accustomed to for workplace success.

You’ll learn everything from business incorporation to marketing yourself as a cosmetologist, and more!


How long does the program take?

Program completion requires 1800 hours, which equates to approximately 1 year.

What is the cost to attend?

Tuition: $18,700

Application Fee: $50

Kit, Equipment, Textbook, Supplies (non-refundable): $1300

Drop Fee: $100

When can I enroll?

Davines Professional Academy of Beauty and Business begins new classes approximately every eight (8) weeks, depending upon space availability.

Please email admissions@davinesproacademy.com or give us a call (402) 261-5322 for exact start dates.

What are the admission requirements?

Davines Professional Academy of Beauty and Business admits as regular students those who are 17 years of age or older and high school graduates or holders of a high school equivalency diploma, the School does not accept ability to benefit (ATB) students at this time.

What does the cosmetology coursework include?

Total course hours = 1800 (approximately 1 year)

The course is divided into pre-clinical classroom instruction and clinical service learning experiences.

  1. Pre-clinical classroom instruction: The first 300 hours are devoted to classroom workshops where students learn design principles, technical information, and professional practices.
  2. Clinic Classroom Learning Experience: The remaining 1500 hours are spent in the clinic classroom area where practical experience is gained.
Is financial aid available?

Yes! As a fully-accredited school, Davines Professional Academy of Beauty & Business is able to offer financial aid to those that qualify. Please call and speak to our financial aid department for assistance. (402) 261-5322

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