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Why Davines Professional Academy of Beauty and Business?

– Fantastic Educational Support

– Be a part of one of the fastest-growing brands in the U.S. among prestigious salons

– Davines is recognized as one of the most professional salon brands in the world.  As the 2nd largest sponsor of Intercoiffure, Davines has a significant and respected presence in the professional salon industry.

– Earn respect from salons and hairdressers as a future professional

– Davines has worldwide recognition in over 90 countries

– Exclusivity. Davines is not sold in grocery stores and drugstores

– B-Corp. Davines not only says they do great things for the world. They actually do great things for the worl

– Davines offers a phenomenal skincare line, which will allow us to launch a new esthetician program soon

How long does the cosmetology program last?

Program completion requires 1800 hours, which equates to approximately 1 year.

What are the admission requirements?

Davines Professional Academy of Beauty and Business admits as regular students those who are 17 years of age or older and high school graduates or holders of a high school equivalency diploma, the School does not accept ability to benefit (ATB) students at this time .

Does Davines Pro Academy accept transfers from other cosmetology schools?

Yes! Transfers are accepted. Please call to speak with an admissions rep to learn more about the process and which of your already-earned hours will be transferable. (402) 261-5322 or admissions@davinesproacademy.com

What awesome equipment and tools do I get when I enroll?

Ah yes! Every student loves “Kit-mas” the day when your students kits arrive and you get all the goodies that come in them.

It includes all the tools you’ll need to be successful including your shears, thermal tools, and more!

What does the cosmetology coursework include?

Total course hours = 1800 (approximately 1 year)

The course is divided into pre-clinical classroom instruction and clinical service learning experiences.

  1. Pre-clinical classroom instruction: The first 300 hours are devoted to classroom workshops where students learn design principles, technical information, and professional practices.
  2. Clinic Classroom Learning Experience: The remaining 1500 hours are spent in the clinic classroom area where practical experience is gained.
When can I enroll?

Davines Professional Academy of Beauty and Business begins new classes approximately every eight (8) weeks, depending upon space availability.

Please email admissions@davinesproacademy.com or give us a call (402) 261-5322 for exact start dates.

How much does attending Davines Professional Academy cost?

Tuition: $18,700

Application Fee: $50

Kit, Equipment, Textbooks, Supplies (non-refundable): $1300

Drop Fee: $100

Is financial aid available?

Yes! As a fully-accredited school, Davines Professional Academy of Beauty & Business is able to offer financial aid to those that qualify. Please call and speak to our financial aid department for assistance. (402) 261-5322

What will my school schedule be like?

Davines Professional Academy students attend Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., with optional Saturdays.

How will Davines help me get a job after graduation?

As a world-renown brand, Davines will greatly help in your ability to secure employment after graduation. It is a brand known not just for its global prestige, but also for its work that benefits the world.

Additionally, while we don’t guarantee job placement, with an expanded business curriculum, we teach you the skills you’ll need to be successful in finding a job and your career.

We also maintain an aggressive jobs placement program and inform students of job opportunities and openings when available. In the past, we have helped place students in careers throughout the beauty industry as hair stylists, salon owners, and more (There was even a job opening at Disney World as a cosmetologist working with the Disney princesses a couple years ago! That job listing has since been removed, but we’re always on the look out for you!).

Is Davines a new company?

No. Davines has been around since the ’80s, and is available globally.

Davines being an up and coming brand in the U.S. means students get to be a part of something big at ground level.

What products will we use in the school?

Davines products will be used in school. The products are all eco-friendly and sustainable.

To create a complete education, other product lines will also be used at the discretion of instructors and administrators to further expose and educate students to the wider cosmetology industry.

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