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“I mean in all seriousness though, I’m graduating in just over a month and I’m so stoked it is UNREAL! A career full of art, enthusiasm and fun for the rest of my life? Heck yeah dude, sign me up!"

Arica | Student

"A few weeks ago I was announced Future Professional for the month of September. I can’t even begin to describe how this made me feel! Happy, grateful, excited, emotional are a few to start with. I was honestly so scared to start cosmetology school and feared what people would think of me. I had started my college career wanting to be somewhere in the medical field but quickly realized that wasn’t the route for me. Amazingly enough I took a leap of faith, prayed a lot to God and here I am today. I graduate in 29 days and I am: excited, nervous and ready for my future in this industry! This was definitely the best decision I’ve made in my life. "

Chloe | Student

"I never imagined the joy that I would feel when changing my entire career plan. I was terrified, afraid, vulnerable, confused, and uncertain. Now that I’m over halfway through my program, I couldn’t imagine having stuck with university. I am so incredibly passionate about the hair industry and all that it can provide for other humans. I find so much joy and pleasure in listening to a guest vent about their rough day, helping them relax, accomplishing their desired look, and allowing them to leave feeling heard, valued, and worthy. All I’ve ever wanted to do was help other people recognize their worth and value. This school helped me find the way to do just that."

Alexa | Graduate

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Janette Telfer, Profesional

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Leanne Woolf, Team Leader

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Thomas Taylor, Profesional